Tech Crunch: Khazenly raises $2.5m seed funding

The e-commerce market in Egypt is expected to grow 30% to $7.5 billion this year, spurred by a growing number of younger shoppers and rising incomes…

Egyptian digital logistics startup raises US$ 2.5mn in seed finding

Khazenly, the Cairo-based on-demand digital warehousing and fulfilment platform, recently announced its successful seed fund raise of US$ 2.5mn..

Egyptian Fintech App Lucky Partners With Warehousing Platform Khazenly

Lucky, an Egypt-based fintech app for credit products, offers and cashback rewards in the Middle East, has signed a partnership agreement with Egyptian on-demand warehousing and fulfillment platform, Khazenly…

Khazenly” Launches Its Cross-Borders Services To Empower Egyptian Merchants To Operate Abroad”

Khazenly, Egypt’s leading on-demand digital logistics and fulfillment management company, has launched its latest ‘Cross Borders’ service, providing Egyptian merchants with a complete solution to..